Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Happy Birthday Prince George!

Alternative blog post:  I'm a total dork...

You guys.  I can't even handle the cuteness of Prince George.  Or his parents for that matter.
As I've noted in the past, I have a love affair with the British Royal Family, ever since I was little girls and Princess Diana came onto the scene.  And then Will and Kate and now George?  Gah.  I can't even.

So Happy Birthday little George.  I'd like to consider myself your (crazy, unrelated) American aunt!  You're free to stay here any time you're in the States.


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Headache from Hades...

So here's the deal.  I've had this bizarro headache since Friday.  It started first thing on the 4th, a pain in my eye socket.  It's since kept it's home base in my eye socket, but now it's traveled around my ear (only on the right side), hurting when I lie down or turn my head (which makes sleeping awesome).  It's become worse with each progressive day, prompting me to make an appointment with my doctor today.

The thing is, I hate going to the doctor.  Not because I'm afraid or nervous.  It's because I hate waiting.  For anything.  I'm very impatient, and when I'm forced to sit somewhere for nearly an hour before I even get in to see the doctor, even my trusty iPhone won't cut it.

So this is my rant prior to the visit.  I'll update later, hopefully proving myself wrong.  Maybe this time will be the anomaly and I'm in and out in under an hour.

Fingers crossed.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Orange is the new awesome...

Late to the boat again. That's me. 

How is, after all the hype and media and chatter, that I've not seen Orange is the New Black?

I'm. In love. With this show. 

I've been binge watching for a few weeks now and I'm down to the last few episodes of season 2. And I'm saving those precious episodes like their little nuggets of gold. I just don't want it to end!!!!!

Happily it's been renewed for a 3rd season and hopefully many, many more. 

Next up...House of Cards. Let the marathon watching begin!!

Monday, June 30, 2014

About a boy...

I sort of need to take a minute to brag.  About a boy.

That boy is my brother.

And I kind of love him, like a lot.

He never reads my blog, but I'm sure the universe is out there telling him to roll his eyes.  Don't worry, that's just me gushing Will.  Your favorite thing.

I was able to see my brother this weekend while he was stateside.  Every time I see him it makes me realize how incredibly lucky I am to have him in my life.  And here is the list of reasons why:

  • He's crazy smart.
  • He gets me.
  • He has a kick ass job that takes him all of the world, a passion we both share.
  • He's an amazing dad.
  • He's fiercely loyal.
  • He's a tough guy, but crazy sweet inside (he'll even tell you that...if you can manage to get close to him).
  • He's like me in that he's very selective with who he lets into his life.  But once he does, you're in.  Unless...unless you wrong him or someone he loves.  Then you're out.  Just like me.
  • Boyfriend likes to shop, and knows how to dress (he literally just texted me a picture of a suit coat saying "Should I buy?"  Hilarious.
  • He and his wife gave us Emma.  The funniest, sweetest little angel baby ever.
  • He's one of the biggest pains in the ass I know.  BUT I love him still.
  • Did I mention he gets me?
I feel like I'm always saying good by to this boy (now in his mid 30's, but he'll always be a boy to me).  It sort of kills me every time.  I just said good bye 3 weeks ago, and I said good bye again yesterday.  *heartbreak*

I love you Will, you big old m&m...

Thursday, June 26, 2014


I have a pretty major crush on Anthony Bourdain.  I love his books (Kitchen Confidential and No Medium Raw) and TV shows (No Reservations and Parts Unknown).  I love how he tells it like it is.  He's not classically handsome, but to me he is.  I never seem to like the pretty boys anyway.

He's brash and smart and sarcastic and funny.  In other words, he's sort of perfect.

He's traveled to places I've been and to places I dream of going (and some I don't ever wish to see).  He's more culinarily adventurous than I ever, ever will be (who can forget the fermented shark in Iceland episode? *barf*).

I look forward to spending every Sunday night with him, and think you might too.  Season 3 just ended and now I need to wait until September for Season 4.   Head over to CNN to check out some episodes.  A few of my favorites are Spain (from Season 2), Lyon (from Season 3) and Congo (from Season 1).

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

School's Out...for...summer!

Yes.  It's arrived.  The last day of school.

Madeline had two half days this week and finished on Tuesday, much to her brother's chagrin (he finished with a whole day today).

So now starts the search to keep them occupied.  They have a lot going on in July, but I expect the first "I'm boooooorrreeed" to surface some time tomorrow.

We're lucky that we live, literally, around the corner from a quiet park with a great summer rec program.  That should help.  Friends, bikes, basketball hoop and a big lawn with a swing set and fort will help.  Books, puzzles, games, swimming and crafts.  That will be a good distraction.

I work from home, so I expect a few "hush!" and "shhhhh" to escape my lips.  But they're kids filled with awesome sauce so I know this summer will rock.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

This is it! You made it! The last Europe post (of this trip, that is!)!

Ahhh, here it is, the last post.  You stuck it out and you made it.  I apologize if it's been torturous, but this blog is also my personal journal to a degree, so I wanted to make sure I documented things before I forgot them!  Thanks for sticking it out!

Here are some of the remaining snippets from my trip:
I drank beer that was black, but not bitter.  And I loved it.
 I ate soft preztels larger than the size of my head.
I took the time to appreciate the workmanship of the buildings around me.
I fell in love with the colors (this was a yarn store in Munich).

And the cafes (as if I hadn't mentioned that before)...
 I ate unfamiliar foods and delicious staples.
 I paid more for water in total than I do my car payment.
 I was able to experience the every day with Emma.  Seeing her after school, talking about her day.
I tried to read words with more letters than the alphabet.  Just kidding.  This word only has 20 letters (and it means 'sliced meat'...yummmmm)!
I spent A LOT of time coloring with Emma.  And I loved every minute of it.
I saw (but didn't buy) some interesting and confusing souvenirs (this one from Colmar, France).
 I stopped every few steps and just took it all in.
 I admired even the most simple of things.
And ate a lot.
And when it was all said and done, I had what was most likely the best vacation of my life.  I even forgot what day it was here and there!
Thanks for following along.  I hope you feel as though you were able to see the amazing things I was able to see.